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    Thinking of leveling another tank.

    Hi folks I've got that Alt itch again and I think I want to level another toon. Just curious on which tanks you guys feel are "fun, But powerful" currently my main is a monk and I love him. But I want a change of pace for some dungeons and lfrs possibly.

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    I'm biased as hell, but Death knight.
    Though, I could see the fun in a warrior aswell, all that charging and leaping around sounds fun.

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    Id say warrior or feral druid.

    Warrior got some good utility, and its pretty fun overall tanking with it. And hey...its a warrior tank.

    Druids can be fun, but also abit booring. But that is where the option off being hybrid comes inn, if you wanna try other spec's.
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    Won't get more fun then a BM monk bro!

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    dont play a bear if u got a monk, way too similar.

    my main is a bear and I just went 1-85 this week on my monk tank.. Kind of similar, uses leather, fat, etc.
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    Death Knight by faaar...
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    My main was a pally tank until heroic DS when dks were champ. They still are unless you hit heroic gara. I love the play style. My pally is just weird now (haste? Really?), I do enjoy my monk. Warriors are in a good place and have great mobility.

    Try a dk at lvl 55 you get a feel for it, if you don't like it roll the others.

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    Death Knights are awesome at soloing and if you know how to play the class right, you can survive almost anything. I didn't really get into playing a Death Knight until Cataclysm but over time, I got used to blood tanking and it's all kinds of fun. Otherwise, I love warriors as well. Simple but also requires some skill to master. Plus charging into enemies is fun.

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    My main is a palatank now and forever, but I have to go with the majority and say Death Knight. Blood DK mechanics are a thing of beauty - so weird yet elegant, complex yet simple. They are really engaging to play - almost more like a healer than a tank, you don't have to spam a rotation but need to use the right tool at the right moment. It's no wonder Blizzard decided to remake all tanks in their image with active mitigation - they are just fun to play.

    I have not tried a monk, but have leveled the other tanks.

    Paladins are very solid imo, but some find them simple.

    Warriors are similar to paladins but maybe have to sweat a bit more (they have less ranged abilities, but more mobility) and can be a little bit more flashy if played well (all that leaping, charging, intervening). They used to be the more click fest class, whereas paladins worked solidly through a rotation, but those differences have to some extent been ironed out with active mitigation (a haste pala may have to click faster even). The Shield Block vs Shield Bash mechanic is arguably a little more interesting than ShotR vs WoG for pala (as with pala, it is almost always Shotr). I loved leveling my warrior - I guess it was probably at the end of wotlk era; she was much more free running than the pala and had a really large tool kit (disarm, hamstring, spell reflect etc) that sadly is almost completely unused in "real" tanking. Then I got disillusioned in cata - she struggled for rage and aggro (there is nothing more awful as a tank than facing a wave of troll 5man trash in a PUG and fluffing your opening move, so you have no rage or aggro). Coming back to her now in Mop, she's much more solid in those respects and close to the paladin.

    The bear was my biggest disappointment. I thought they would be a blast to level like my warrior. But leveled at the end of Cata, it was staggeringly basic. Spamming a few keys, it felt so incomplete. I gather bears are in a much better place now, with active mitigation and receiving designer love, along with warriors, the other rage tank.

    To be honest, I would not worry about power - all the tanks can get the job done and I have not heard convincing arguments for, or experienced evidence of, the clear superiority or inferiority of any one. Blizzard has done a remarkable job balancing tanks in MoP in that regard.
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