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    PC do i need Upgrades/rating

    hello mmo champs ;P i have a Custom made pc that i made a few years ago and i want a rating from 1/10 of how good it is and do i need any upgrades and also i have 6 gb Ram is that low i use 80% every time i play somthing . and every time i try to move files my system gets really slow cant even watch a movie

    my system is

    Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-870a-ud3 rev 3,1
    Cpu: Amd Phenom x6 1090t black edition 4,1 Ghz
    Ram: Kingstone Hyper X 3x2 Gb 1600 downclocked to 1333
    Graphics card: zotac gtx 670 4 Gb Oc'ed to 1200 Mhz
    Harddrive: 1 tb 7200 rpm
    Psu: corsair tx 750 v2

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    tried doing a good clean up sweep with CCcleaner already? (removes lots of shit files that pile up over time on a pc)
    on side note a ssd or mobo/cpu combo upgrade would give a pretty solid improvement.
    got a budget for us to work with?

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    Case of curiosity killed the cat here, but why down clock the ram when as far as i'm aware amd thrives on hi speed ram?

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    i just reinstalled windows i dont have a budget but try showing me what would be an ok upgrade to a good price

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    Why are you running 3x2 gb sticks? Your mobo is dual channel. (I dont think it should have an impact, but you can try running with 2 sticks in the right slots).

    I think there is something else wrong with your system, so that an upgrade might help. Seeing as you are having issues with moving files, but what are you moving around?

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    700-1000 gb steam games

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