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    Hybrid class dps

    So I have only hybrid classes and I was wondering wich hybrid class can pump out the most deeps and who is the worst? Out of Pally Shaman or Monk, cus thats what I have

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    Ele Shaman.

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    Warriors are technically hybrids, so them. Worst? Idk, maybe ret pally?

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    Well a boomkin can hurt...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AutomaticBadger View Post
    Well a boomkin can hurt...
    Boomkins have never ever been that good at single target, only multi-dotting.

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    You'll always perform better with the class you're most used to using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hattai View Post
    You'll always perform better with the class you're most used to using.
    This. Blizzard has made it so that every hybrid DPS class can bring the pain... so whatever you think you'll be able to practice most will be fine.

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    ele or ww would be my guess.

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