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    Farming Justice Points for BoA Equipment

    I recently hit level 90 on my Druid and am wondering how I should go about farming Justice Points. I'd like to purchase BoA equipment for my Priest. Does anybody know how long this would take?

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    It'll go a lot faster in 5.2.
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    Now - a couple of months worth of endless grinding heroics until your eyes bleed.

    I a couple of weeks when 5.2 hits - not so painful, but still "only" 100 JP per boss, which amounts to 23 boss kills per piece.

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    Best way is likely to farm Honor in BGs and convert to Justice. Lame, but Justice is not easy to efficiently farm in PvE.
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    I would recommend waiting til 5.2 (1 month a bit more maybe?). Because it will be ALOT easier overall, every boss on heroics will drop 100 JP and after you cap Valor points, you will get JP instead of nothing. So overall, id say wait a bit and do some 90 stuff.

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    I would like to know this as well for transmog purposes.

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