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    Enlisting MMO-C Artists!

    **Edit! Can a mod edit the horrendous size of the logos, or teach me how? Also, if more appropriate elsewhere, can you move it there?**

    Howdy there!

    My guild and I suck at logos and art. We have a core ten man raid team, and are struggling to come up a small kill video logo for our guild, and would like to see if someone can whip something awesome up for us!

    Our guild name is "Tactical Disaster," and we were looking for a logo that would encompass the feel of that name. It can be either the entire name or just "TD."

    I have nothing in the way of payment for services, but if its ok with mods I will gladly use it as my avatar and give you credit for the life of this account in my signature!

    Let me show you the terrible ideas my guildies have come up with so far:

    So can you do better? I think you can!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would ask in the Signature thread. They seem to be creative. I think most of us Gen OT's are just uncreative people talking in circles... Not special circles - round dull circles...

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    Best place to check is this thread:


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