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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhiziana View Post
    This. And no. You arent. I actually think i would laugh of the stupidity of her, if i ended up with a girl on my school in the same situation.
    The girl who killed herself was groomed by a paedophile and stalked from school to school. She's stupi?d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waaldo View Post
    Yeah, because you need "good data" to show that it takes a weak person to end their own life. By weak, he doesn't mean it in the physical sense, he means mentally weak.
    You kinda do. Otherwise, you're just making baseless claims without knowing the person or their mental state, why it got to where it is and how well they can cope with things in general.

    It's equally valid (or invalid, I should say) to claim that people who like glitter are mentally weak.
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