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    New ideas of pvp maybe?

    I have been playing WoW for almost 7 years now, and when it comes to pvp, all I see is blizzard spreading ideas through classes, bgs, and arenas instead of creating new ones. Why not add environment damage like fire walls in bgs and arenas or npcs that try to target that try to hunt down a random target in a bg? How bout giving casters the ability to summon a small LoS instead of giving them another stun or silence or fear? How bout creating a bg in which there is a defending team and offensive team, and both teams are given a short period of time like 10 minutes to farm resources and build seige tanks or walls to defend or increase their damage? I know there is tons of ways to add more to this game, why try to spread the ideas? Maybe to make classes feel more unique and stuff give druids like an ability to summon a growth tentacle thing from the ground like in southern barrens? give shamans the ability to summon a volcano that spouts out lines or lava like on rhyolith? Give rogues a poison that'll deal a large percentage of a players health if not dispelled after a certain amount of time? Something like that, I'm sure you can come up with way more ideas than I can, but why reuse ideas? make it a little interesting? add somethings to shake up the pvp world a bit?

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    PvP scenarios? Drop some groups into little set pieces out in the world and have them wail on each other while trying to fulfill objectives within a certain timelimit. Like Wintergrasp you could manually fly into the regions, or queue for them.

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    Why not add environment damage like fire walls in bgs
    I agree that some fresh, unique ideas could definitely be implemented into PVP -- but we all saw how well "fire walls" and damaging environmental aspects went over in the Ring of Valor. (Hint: They were piss poor.)

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    I know, I was just throwing out random ideas, but it would be nice to have like environmental damage in a bg, something to catch players off guard, something new, not the same old strategies reused over and over again, and with players now being able to burst down people so fast, it wouldn't be a bad idea to find a way to nerf some of facerolling burst we see now and add in something that would make the game more fun. I hope that the Dota style bg they are working out is good, instead of them just saying they are making one to get players excited and then it turns out to not work out right.

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    Maybe take out burst trinkets and what not from pvp and add tons of different novelty trinkets that can be used by everyone and each single one has a different skill that is useful in taking out your opponent (Personally I think that is better than having a trinket that gives you a certain stat for certain amount of seconds.)

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