Hello there!

DND are a guild on kazzak founded by a group of friends who are focused on progress and in the new tier on pushing server ranks. We look to have the most skilled players possible and to progress as fast as possible but on a friendly basis. We like to have a joke and a laugh but when it comes to the actual content and progress we get down to business. As a guild we struggled with recruiting and finding the right members in 2012 and before Christmas. After Christmas our core team and members were able to start progressing on heroics and so far we have 9/16 on a 3 day raid schedule.

As a guild we are always looking forward into improving the team and getting the best possible players and improving ourselves. With this in mind we are always recruiting exceptional players and all exceptional players are welcome. We are currently having a big recruitment drive and are looking for players who are willing to push for server ranks during the next tier.

All exceptional classes!
Disc priest

Raid days:
Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 +
Thursday 20.00 - 23.00 +
Monday 20.00 - 23.00 +
Sunday - this is still in debate, however in new tier will be added.

All applications will be considered and will be looked into in care, we take a friendly approach to all our applications.
If you are to apply for us we expect:
  • you to have intensive heroic experience from past expansion and this current expansion
  • Know your class inside out, the best rotation for dps, healing etc, know how to get everything out of your character
  • We want you to be at the top of your game, and prove your ability in the game, we want you to be able to perform at a high level
  • Always striving to be better as player
  • We expect our players to be committed to the guild, this means giving 110% in raids and pushing for them server ranks as a team
  • Most of all we expect you to be a friendly and nice player, we are serious when it comes to raiding but outside of raid, or farm we are a nice bunch really!

For any questions about the guild feel free to contact myself beechy#2487 or any other officer, Denc#2670 ÆresGandalf#2285

Thank you!