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    The Last Watch 25man Heroic Raiding Turalyon-EU

    The Last Watch is a 25 man Alliance raiding guild on Turalyon (EU). We're always looking to recruit exceptional players of any class, spec or role. Right now we are particularly looking for:

    - Nothing, the guild has been disbanded.

    And would consider applications from:

    - Nothing.

    Current progress

    We have cleared all content: 6/6 bosses on heroic mode in Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 on heroic mode in Heart of Fear and 4/4 on heroic mode in Terrace of Endless Spring.

    Past achievements

    In Cataclysm we had a world 108th ranked Madness (25) heroic kill along with highly ranked kills on many other bosses:

    - Dragon Soul (25) heroic: 8/8 (including the guild Feat of Strength for server first Madness heroic)
    - Firelands (25) heroic: 7/7 (including the guild Feat of Strength for server first Ragnaros heroic)
    - BoT / BWD / TotFW (25) heroic: 13/13 (including the guild Feats of Strength for server first Sinestra and Nefarion heroic)

    In Wrath of the Lich King we had a world 160th kill of the Lich King (25) heroic along with highly ranked kills on many other bosses:

    - Ruby Sanctum (25) heroic: 1/1
    - Icecrown Citadel (25) heroic: 12/12 (including several completed Shadowmournes)
    - Trial of the Grand Crusader (25): 5/5 (including "A Tribute to Insanity" and "A Tribute to Immortality")
    - Ulduar (25): 14/14 (including all hard modes, Yogg-Saron+0 and Algalon the Observer)

    We cleared all previous WotLK raid content and are the only guild on the server to successfully complete "Heroic: Glory of the Raider" and acquired Black Proto-Drakes when they were available.

    Although primarily a 25 man guild we run equally successful 10 man and alt raids. For more information about our progress and rankings see:

    wowtrack.org/guild.lua/EU/Turalyon/The Last Watch

    You can also view our farm content raids at: twitch.tv/fastjan

    The guild

    The Last Watch was the first guild formed on Turalyon and has been at the pinnacle of raiding there ever since. We have accomplished more server firsts than all other guilds on the server put together and are the only one to have cleared all raid content across all expansions at the time it was released. Our experienced officer team provides the organisation and stability necessary for the guild to succeed at the highest level of raiding for many years.


    Raid organisation

    We pride ourselves on successfully raiding cutting edge end-game content on a relatively light schedule. Our raiding times are:

    - Wednesday (from 20:00 CET)
    - Thursday (from 20:00 CET)
    - Sunday (from 20:00 CET)
    - Tuesday (from 20:00 CET)

    Typically we try to finish raids by 23:00 CET but things can and do take longer sometimes. During progress we sometimes add an extra day of raiding (Monday) and extend raids by an hour; but we try to get back to our standard raid times as quickly as possible. Guild members are expected to be able to make all raids on a regular basis. Our roster is deliberately kept small so that everyone gets to raid a lot. In return we expect good attendance.

    Raids are formed through a fair and transparent rotation of all guild members subject to the requirements of each encounter. Everyone has the same opportunity to raid. We don't have any second class or reserve positions in the guild.

    Loot distribution

    We use a loot council for fast and fair distribution of loot.


    We are looking for people with the following qualities:

    - Active, motivated, intelligent and mature.
    - Do not get offended easily and can handle pressure.
    - Eager to maximise the performance of their character.
    - Competitive and able to take the initiative (without jeopardising the success of the raid).
    - Willing to study, research, theorycraft and brainstorm encounters.

    You must be able to communicate clearly in English (written and spoken) and be able to listen and speak on Mumble during raids.

    How to apply

    Our recruitment forum contains all of the information on how to apply:


    If you have any questions contact an officer in game or via private message on our forums.
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