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    Random lag on different encounters.


    So my guild is progressing quite well on Sha Heroic, 15% after 2 nights of progress, but we've been encountering some strange lag, fps drops and such for our whole raid which makes healing/taunting/moving from stuff near impossible. The fights we've been having this on are Amber Shaper/Empress/Sha, normally the lag for empress is on the pull and after 1st add waves, on amber shaper its as soon as we hit last phase, and on sha its when we enter phase 2 and once again half way into p2.

    We think it may be an addon causing it, but its the entire raid thats having the issue, not sure if its a server based thing or not, just wondered if anyones having the same issue or not.


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    Hunters using Stampede does unruly lag things on Sha, not sure why. Started in the last couple weeks.

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    A few players from my guild struggled on the north platform & when entering p2. The p2 lag was most likely caused by stampede, halo or equally "FPS dropping" spells.
    When you enter a new zone and multiple AoE spells go off at once it may cause lag

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    May seem like a simple fix, but disabling your damage meters tends to help.

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    Lower your water detail and view distance. Helped some people in our raid for p2 sha.

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