View Poll Results: can players use the pass loot option without anoying others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    Why bother?

    Just vendor the item. The system is almost perfect as it is, change it and you'll return the loot drama of Dragon Soul.
    loot bags for not winning a item tend to give more than items for most slots

    like necks rings boots belts and cloaks

    since those slots are worth less than the bag people would rather pass on them and simply take the bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marooned View Post
    Pass option would work on loot system with fixed number of drops say 6 drops per boss kill, but in current system chance of anyone winning something is completely independent from others, so all 25 ppl can win something or same thing if they had same specs, what would pass mean in this sense? you see why pass cant work in this system?
    that's exactly what I wanted to explain, too.

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    I would much rather have the system the way it works right now, when everyone is on even play field.

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    The fact that your raid could theoretically end up with 25 items from one LFR boss with the current system makes a pass option rather useless unless it actually gives another person two rolls.

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    I have yet to see a single suggestion of changing LFR loot system to have a smaller chance of gearing up.

    Every single thread can be summarized in :"Moar Loot!!".

    This one,as an example,you would eventually get loot that another person passed on.

    This premise is the problem in most of these kind of threads: Blizzard has stated that this system offers a gear up rate equivalent of the normal raiding system and they are ok with this so any kind of suggestion for a better LFR loot system should focus on that "Better" not "More" or Blizzard will just ignore it because theres a finite number of carrots.

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