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    Looking for players for a Tekkit server (No EE)

    Hello, we are looking for a few more scientific/technical crafters to join our newly created world. EE has been removed as we feel it is unbalanced, and we wanted to focus on making complex, intricate creations (like automatic crafting lines or linked teleporter systems) as opposed to flying around with rings and transmuting everything.

    Rules: No open world PVP (arena-type battles would be welcomed, perhaps for wagers). No griefing/spamming/exploiting. No building within 1000 m of spawn. Be ok with sharing your Base(s) location, so others can admire what you build.

    That's about it. Feel free to use any non EE items, so long as you don't create lag with excessive world anchors, timers, nuking, etc.

    There is a whitelist, so please post back with your game name and a little blurb about the kind of creations you like to build or your general playstyle. There are only 3-4 of us so far, although other friends may be joining in soon. Would like to get at least 10 or so active players.

    Server up 24/7. Server IP:

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    IGN : girton500
    I have played a lot of tekkit and went months gathering Resources without EE then the server i was playing on added EE and it felt imbalanced seeing people get what took me a couple months to do in a few days. So I'm looking for a nice no EE server.

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    Exclamation White list me?

    Hey yoir server IP:[/QUOTE]
    Looks really fun. I want ti join and build a nice kingdom with you guys, i hope to be apart of this, IGN. rannome

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    i'm not sure they check the thread.... i havn't heard anything from them sadly

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    looking for a sever to play where no one is randoming killing or nuking everyone where maybe i could team up with someone else and truly learn what tekkit is about and actuly have some fun.

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