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    In some ways they were and still are. Due to the fact you didn't get 55 pity lvls from Blizz like DKs did slowed the flood of monks some. Chi/energy and the active buff stacking or chi/mana and combat/healing mixtures are just too much for the average faceroller. Many ppl still don't seem to understand how they work for anything beyond WW. If you happen to catch a BM or MW monk in LFG/LFR they often do not understand how the class works and struggle as a result.
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    Of course not. Playing monks now are guys who enjoy the class and showing skill in playing a class. What was back in WotLK, there were literally tons of idiotic, keyboard-facerolling-but-still-topping-meters DK players. I remember raiding in Naxx 25, when our top-dps, of course DK, could not jump platform on Taddius, but still that miserable being was top-dps thanks to awful and ridiculous class design. No, thank you, and I'm very grateful to Blizz that monks are not like DK that days.
    ps. Even now, after three expansions, Dks with all balance stuff and nerfs are not interesting class to play. They feel kinda like that days back in LK, keyboard facerolling and no skill ever. I don't want same fate for Monks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by l33t View Post
    ps. Even now, after three expansions, Dks with all balance stuff and nerfs are not interesting class to play. They feel kinda like that days back in LK, keyboard facerolling and no skill ever. I don't want same fate for Monks.
    I definitely agree that Monks are far more enjoyable to play than DKs. I know its personal preference and all, but I could never get a DK to level 70. I just couldn't. And that's despite the 55 free levels.

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    No, with that being said though I did enjoy launch DK's, monks didnt appeal to me in the same way though ): something about not using weapons in attacks annoy me in any game

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    No, I love playing an under-represented class!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    If they didn't get in a guild then it's probably because they aren't fit for it. People always come up with excuses when they don't get accepted.

    Ofc this could be the rare case of a fail guild, but it would surprise me.

    Because monks get healing ability and utitily that was "stolen" from other classes and it just got mashed up in 1 class...I'm not saying that it's a bad thing but to complain that you get the best of everything seems to unfair.
    What have monks stolen from other classes? How do monks have the best of everything? If we had the best of everything wouldn't there be more of us?
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    It was easy for me to switch my Main to BrM Monk when Mists rolled out. Some friends and I decided to re-roll on a new server so we went cheap and started new toons. I left behind a warrior tank that I played in Cata, and a mage that I played in Lich.

    We haven't found any issues at all with getting into guilds, I'm currently main tank in our current guild and my buddy usually tops the healing meters as a Mistweaver. Both classes can be OP if played correctly tbh (depending on the fight).

    I find it hilarious that Windwalkers get the bad rap that they have. It is my offspec and what I generally use when I run LFR, it's not difficult to top the meters, or at least be close (I know, its LFR), but I also do very well when asked to dps during our guild raids.

    Should Monks have been OP at release? No, we are much better off with the way blizz released us. If they had made Monks OP then we would be branded with the OP stereotype and would have been nerfed to a place much worse than we are today.

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    The implementation was spot on.

    The class is fun to play and powerful if you know how to play it. I love playing my Mistweaver monk in pvp, it's ridiculously hard to kill and my healing output is through the roof. It's true I'm only level 86 with her, but I always top healing meters in battlegrounds, sometimes doubling the next behind me.

    I don't know how it will be at 90, but if it stays at a similar level, I will be happy.

    Compared to my rogue, my monk is a ton more useful in pvp.

    Edit: leveling a monk was quite fast, if you have heirlooms it's already fast, but they get a daily quest which increases xp gain by 50%, from everything, not just kills which you can get twice at every 20 levels. Pandaren even have the racial abilty that makes rested bonus last twice as long, so leveling a Pandaren monk should have been a breeze up to level 85.
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    all the 5.2 changes should of already been on the class at MOP release, and 5.2 should of been more about refining the class and making it a more competetive class, what im noticing is tons of people leveling a monk and never sticking with it at 90 because there's nothing a monk can do better than the other classes and is also very gimmicky and unnatural to play as, too many abilities that can just straight up miss or be useless like healing sphere and flying dragon kick due to lag and latency make this class undesirable to play as

    if monks were made OP, they wouldnt be anymore OP than globaling warriors or 2 shoting frostbomb mages, monks would simply be on a leveling playing field untill a balancing patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Torunscar View Post
    No, I love playing an under-represented class!

    My mum was right, I AM a special little snowflake
    Exactly this. At least this way nobody will think any less of me, unlike they used to do with all the DK kids playing the 'easy' class.
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    Brewmasters have a higher skill cap than most tanks, making them either really bad or amazingly good. Mistweavers are a completely different kind of healing style with options for traditional mistweaving or fistweaving that throws most people off. Windwalkers are getting their much needed numbers tweaks, but in honesty the strength of the spec is in its survivability and utility.

    Its a new class, its going to rollercoaster for a while yet. We'll find our place eventually.

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    Well, monks are not a hero class, they are just a new combat style that was picked up by the Horde and the Loliance. Death knights were implemented at 55 because it was as if you fell in battle on your main and were turned into a death knight at lvl 55. (could be 50 lol, I forget) Whereas monks, you discover Pandaria and learn their ways. This might be a tiny bit off topic lol, i just woke up.. DONT JUDGE ME!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivick View Post
    Death Knights were originally OP because blizzard intended them to be a "hero class", an idea they later abandoned. Monks were never supposed to be any more or less powerful than any other class.
    No, they were OP because Blizzard was fooled by the beta testers saying DK was too weak.
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    The reason Monks have low population (and low take-up compared to DKs) is three fold:

    a) They start at level 1, whereas DKs start at 55 (also you only had to do Outland before you got to new content)

    b) It takes so long to level to 90, people were less likely to main change, but also this expansion is extremely painful for alts, which discourages trying a Monk even more. This is exacerbated by:

    c) Monks are really not all that fun to level. The fact that WW Monks get RSK as late as they do is pretty central to that issue. That should be their level 10 spell for choosing the spec imo. Fists of Fury is a really off-putting move for a melee spec that feels so mobile in other ways to spend half their time rooted. That spell is, imo, the core of the problem. It's certainly the reason I didn't roll a Monk, they could have been as OP as anything numbers wise, but as long as FOF was intended to be used rotationally, I would never ever level a Monk.

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