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    Laptop Help

    Im moving up to an area that wont have internet access for a few months other than satalite with limited download caps etc... so there are a bunch of internet cafes just a few miles from there and i figured i could get a good gaming laptop and play with that until i get internet in my area (FiOS is supposed to make it to my area before summer) anyway no idea what im shopping for with a laptop, any help would be appreciated i have about 900 or so to spend on it. thanks in advance!

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    get a laptop with an intel i5m, nvidia optimus dual gpu and some ram (4-8) gb, also a ssd is very recommended.

    where are you from? i could take a look into some nearby online stores

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    Need a budget, what you want to do, etc.

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    about 900$ and i would like to do world of warcraft mainly. everything else is just smaller games like some steam downloads dungeon defenders etc.. nothing major. in wow im usually doing Arena 3v3 and 2v2. and random bgs. though i would enjoy doing RBGs if i can do that with my budget. sorry i didnt include that in advance

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    Newegg is very close to me as well if that helps. its like 30 minutes from me (currently) moving up to Hisperia CA at the beginning of march

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    just needed your region, in this case US

    i got an acer aspire 5742g 2 years ago, for about 500 € and it's very decent. did play wow, sc2, d3 and various other games on an external monitor and was good. i changed the dvd drive with an ssd and got an external dvd drive.

    you should just look for the above mentioned specs and everything should be fine.

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    nvidia optimus dual gpu im not sure what im looking for when you say that

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    Hey op here i was wondering if satellite internet is worth it? The one in my area says its good for gaming but ive only ever heard bad things a few years back. Has it come far enough to.make it worth while? I was also looking at the verizon wireless jetpack too. From what i read i could get by without doing lfr and 40 man bgs on the limited data allowance since wow doesnt use to much. Thanks in advance for the help on my questions

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