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    Guys your disagreement is pretty pointless because it is basically an argument between the number of things offered vs the enjoyment one person gets out of the things offered. The first point is quantitative and there's not much point debating it, the second is completely an opinion and while people can differ in their opinions if it really gets down to "I just like what x has to offer better" than there isn't much point to keep debating it.

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    Would you say it has less to do compared to Tera?

    Most other MMOs I've played, have been out much longer, and have expansions out.

    I was comparing more of current content (MoP) vs the full SWtOR game.

    Again, I expected/wanted more from SWtOR.

    I have enjoyed the debate, and find it fun. I can definitely say there is less to do in SWtOR than in vanilla/chocolate Rift, by far. If we take vanilla/bc/wrath/cata/mop wow, then, it has more than most games (haven't did enough in EQ to qualify on how much they have to do) I've ever played. That was never intended to be my side of the debate, since you blow by most of the content so fast, it barely registers, but, admittedly, it is still there. I went from 20-40, by doing each dungeon once, because of the quests in them, without questing outside the instances.

    I'll concede, value over quantity is probably what I was defending. I'd rather have less of something that I like, than more of stuff that is less enjoyable.

    So, max level content: MoP - 9 dungeons, 3 raids, dailies, scenarios, pvp, world bosses, rares. SWtOR - 9 dungeons, 4 Ops (2 in group finder SM only), dailies, weekly(s), pvp, world bosses, champions. leveling: WoW - lots of dungeons, some class quests remnants, some group content remnants, some world pvp remnants (talbuk mount farming), some rep grinds (netherwing drakes); SWtOR - lots class quests, lots of group quests, companion 'content' Other: wow: 2 raid sizes, 1 sized BGs, RBGs arenas; SWtOR- 2 raid sizes, 1 sized WZs, RWZs

    Seems pretty even to me, well, MoP has scenarios, which are pretty cool for alternative gearing up/VP/some lore, repeatable infinitely. Closest comparison is one time HK quest, finishing off class quests, which isn't much of a comparison at all. And arena.

    So, you win. Scenarios and arenas are the nail in the coffin

    Never was really trying to argue, or dismiss your opinions, but you definitely were trying to dismiss mine. Which is all fair, debate is more fun than a burden; great for discussion, as long as people don't get angry ^_^

    I liked pvp in wow better in the past (WG, arena 3s/5s, BGs), but, I like the SWtOR pvp as well, and the gear scaling involved for pre-50 (encourages twinking though, purple mods are inflated )

    All in all, opinionated: Each game has their merits, and it will -always- come down to enjoyment and personal preference, even when one has more supposed content than the other. In the end, the amount of content begins to not matter, if that content isn't as enjoyable to the individual player making a decision about it.

    It is like a president, one can 'do more stuff' but if the stuff they do is meaningless, the value of them is far less than one who does less, but with more impact. 'I passed more laws, therefore I'm better' isn't the proper rule of measure, nor would more content just because ... like if we had 3 dragon soul quality raids at MoP release, that would be content just for numbers sake, while MoP raids are actually far above the quality of Dragon Soul. Like I've tried to say, WoW is great, for a ton of people. SWtOR is great for casuals wanting an immersive questing experience, not really rivaled with any other games atm, GW2 and Rift does group efforts better, especially Rift with mentoring and Instant Adventures, but with all the heroic group quests and areas, SWtOR made a damn good attempt.

    I still think OP is going to continue to love and enjoy this game, for the way they are playing and their pace, and what they've stated they love about it ... which is exactly the point ... not some debate and purely statistical data, but enjoyment and value, which can only be determined by the OP, and we can only infer from their statements and asking questions on what makes them happy while playing ... using that information, which is VERY relevant, I see them playing and enjoying this game, at their pace, for a long time, several months at least.

    If I just wanted to encourage them to the game I felt was best value for dollar, I'd say give Rift a second chance, but, they've already stated, they couldn't get into it. I could tell them I relate, but, recently gave it another go, and really go into it, with IAs and possibly try a different soul/class. But, I respect it isn't for them. I also respect they already play WoW. It is best to use that as comparison. They claim how much they love SWtOR -despite- the fact they already play WoW.

    If you are someone who hates dailies, they could have a billion in each game, but those are not content for a person that hates them, that would be simple ... so any disparity between the games would be irrelevant.

    But, I'll concede, as long as you are willing to put the OP's opinions, likes, dislikes ... overall enjoyment into the equations, over pure numbers vs numbers. Best example, instead of using achievements as 'content', first see if they even care about them. Do they achievement hunt on their WoW account? If not, then, using that as anything other than trying to prove me 'wrong' or imply I didn't play the other game enough to have an opinion (only to try and swing it back the other way and use it against me) was pointless and irrelevant in the discussion. It isn't about me, it isn't about you ... this is only about the OP and their friend. That is all I was ever debating, not 'this game has 9001 achievements, the other has 7227, less, therefore not as good!'.

    I'm happy with the games I play and don't play regardless, and happy for others and the games they play and don't play as well. Right now, for me, Rift/SWtOR and to a lesser extent Tera, are enjoyable; WoW, not so much, was great, I especially liked Dread Wastes, felt like a time-lost/sha dead scar, beautiful and challenging zone when you first step into it at 89 undergeared. There was no need for you to hyper-defend WoW, I was never saying it was a bad game

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeropeorth View Post
    I don't need to respond because a moderator made it abundanatly clear exactly what our discussion entailed and warrants no further comment.

    Corgi word is law. Even Rift knows this.

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