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    Heroic Gara'Jal question

    Dear MMO Champions,

    Our guild recently started progressing on Heroics and last night we were trying Gara Jal. After a few wipes we called it a night.
    I'm raiding on my elemental shaman and we only have our mage and lock as dotters. Now i was thinking would it be easier to get a kill to get my lower geared Boomkin in.
    Shaman 490 ilvl
    Boomkin 475 ilvl

    I dont have alot of experience on my boomkin either . I thought because of the dots the add control in the spirit realm would be alot better.

    I'd like to hear your opinions.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd say you have more than enough to kill him on your shaman, especially considering you already have 2 funcitonal dotters.
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    If the rest of the raid is equally geared as your Shaman, you have enough to kill him with only two dotters.

    You guys just need to be quick on the call out of who is going down and quick reaction time to killing the adds. Other than that, it's smooth from there. You can't mess up a totem call out. Every other totem your DPS should help your tank kill their adds and then resume killing their's.

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    dropping 15 ilevel is going to net you a lot more dps loss than getting dots

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