We are a mature aged guild with high standards of all our raiders, including trials. We are currently forming our second 10 man core group in preparation for 25 man raiding in 5.3. We expect you to know your class and to have read up on the fights before showing up for any raid, also we require you to be online 15 minutes before raids start, at the instance ready to go. We do provide flasks, potions, food, guild repairs. Capping your Valor each week is mandatory, as is LFR's if you still need gear upgrades. Quite a few of us use SimulationCraft as it helps to squeeze the best out of DPS toons. If you are not familiar with this don't worry, and officer can help out You will also need to devote your daily Tillers farm towards the guild bank to help out for full time raiding.

Due to our guild having issues with younger people in the past, we now have a strict 18 + age requirement.

We raid:
Wed, Thurs, 7:30 - 10:30pm server and on Sunday 5pm - 9pm for Core 1.
Wed, Thurs, Sun, 7:30 - 10:30pm Server for core 2.
We require 90-100% attendance rates, although we do understand that real life can get in the way sometimes.

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