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    MoP feels boring for you? Well, there is a simple answer to this: you are burned out. Take a break from the game, test something else and come back if there are new contents. If it doesn't help, buy Sim City and quit WoW for a while. Playing since vanilla and during every xpac since WotLK I take a break of at least 4 months. Note that I quit raiding in a guild - LFR and dailies are "my" content since Cata.
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    I had to take a forced stop, and i felt like i was never returning.

    Anyway in the end i just needed a change of server/guild to enjoy more the expansion - for me PvP has zero value so i've gone to a pve server. Maybe some people just need a more relaxed enviroment.

    Now i'm enjoying the expansion much more, leveling two alts together (one questing, and a healer with lfg) and i can do the eternal vale dailies in like 15 minutes instead of hours XD
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    I'm not bored of the game, I'm only bored because I have no friends as such to play with. They all stopped long time ago.

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    I was burned out at the start with the large amounts of dailies which was difficult when I had to farm dungeons for gear as well but since i main changed to Monk, I have been enjoying it a lot more. I think that is partly because I am playing a class that is new and fresh but I have also spent a lot of time in old content with guildies farming pets and old achievements and transmog gear so I am holding in there but raid content feels a bit dull tbh.

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    I canceled my sub, i'm totally bored and disappointed of MoP, when i realized all the good things was changed and all the bad things even got worse, also content which is based on dailies and total no life style is pathetic, not to mention how pvp works. Dailies are boring, takes tons of time and formula of competing with other players for spawning mobs/items is pathetic. Blizz turned people into fools in MoP i won't pay for such game. Some may say that in wow always have been alot of grinding, but those who played in past knows it was way better organised and given more joy, MoP may be nice i understand for people who started to play in cata, and they couldn't even imagine how fun this game used to be before cata. GREG STREET Killed WoW. Must add, screw damn Monk class, pure Cash move from Blizzard so kids love to play super overpowered superior class. WoW no need monk nor dk, but W2,W3,Frozen throne & old WoW people are no more, more like pokemon society are most subscribers.
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    what lol? do YOU even know what you are saying? It seems you are way off here bud.

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    When MoP first came out I rushed into lvling a monk. I lvled a monk from 1 to 90 in 3~ days played (I even read ALL of the MoP quests up until Townlong Steppes). I then went into dungeons. Got myself SOME gear for MW/WW. And I immediately noticed I was missing something. It all felt too plain and simple. Heroics are way too simple, and the dungeons are quite boring due to annoying mechanics (the ones where you have to stop DPSing, wait, kill adds, continue DPS on boss etc).

    I then tried out PvP. Needless to say I was incredibly shocked at HOW MUCH BURST THERE WAS. I was being hit for more than I was being hit for in wotlk (wotlk dmg multiplied by 10~). I was literally being globalled every single time.

    Meanwhile I was doing ALL of the dailies EVERY SINGLE DAY. I did my farm CHORES every single day. I eventually missed one day of dailies and I felt like I was behind soooo much.

    There's too much to do. And the stuff there is to do is all similar to eachother. It's too repetitive and not rewarding enough. It feels too much of a chore, even though blizzard says it isn't... IT DOES feel like a chore.

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    I'm not. I don't enjoy most of it, but I put up with the crap, because I like raiding. I wish they would just let us stick to what we enjoy. They want to give us options, but they do everything they can to force us into multiple aspects of the game.
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    OP maybe u need to quit and stop complaining and comparing WoW X to WoW Y (where X and Y are times and expansions)

    because it's a really really stupid thing to do, the "To-Do Things" in WoW TBC are the same as WoW in MoP, only MoP has more and new features.

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    There's certain aspects that I'm glad to be done with. Finally got exalted with every MoP faction (besides Black Prince of course) and finally got two RF chest piece tokens (hooray for elder charms) this early morning. However, you do bring up a valid point. I myself am not looking forward to getting rep up on my 10 other alts. It's been hard enough just to get five of them up to 90. I've had fun leveling my horde monk and warlock, but that fun is running out I feel. Luckily a new patch will mean new pets, a new faction, new dailies, etc. so I will definitely find something to do.

    I still have tons of transmog bits to look for (The Curator still won't drop his damn staff, and Fathom-Lord refuses to give me World-Breaker), I have a ton of pet achieves to go after, including all the Naxx and one of the AQ pets, I still have more mounts to collect and BC, classic, & raid reps to get to exalt with (Sands and Ashen are some of the biggest PITA's to solo for, not even going to touch Avengers till next xpac).

    Basically, there's tons of stuff to do, but after X amount of years of doing it, you do get burnt out. I love MoP, the fights, the lore, the music, the zones, the voice-acting. But once I get to exalt with the Kirin Tor offensive I will probably take a break.

    Go ahead and take a break. If you feel like coming back, you'll be welcomed back. If you give up and never look back, congrats, you've broken the addictive spell of WoW!
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    Bored of MoP as hell.

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    Not Bored just frustrated, As much as i like my MOP Main (monk), i enjoy leveling alts (current project is a PVP Shadow priest), working on achievements on my 'chieve whore (DK), and high end PVP (Max level BG and 2v2/3v3) on my lock.

    However MOP is not alt friendly, there are dailys to do and rep to grind. I know my PVP toon will not never "need" to be exalted with the tillers, my chieve whore and my main will have too (for gear and chieves).

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