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    Should make a poll. Yes though.

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    Yes im done with Mop for now, im waiting for 5.2 to see if it brings anything interesting. The game is not fun right now, pvp is ridiculous with all the burst dps classes have, and pve is too straight forward theres only like 4 or 5 fun fights out of 16 bosses. It was fun for the 1st 3 months but i just cant play the game anymore.

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    MoP is amazing, compare what you can do now, to what you could do this point in Cata, or even Wrath...

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    I basically stopped playing a year ago. I played for so long doing my own thing and joining guilds and trying to raid but it doesn't matter what I do, I'd always be an outsider (even in guilds where i live in the same house as the GM!). Always turned up on time if I said I would, always put other things on hold and never got anything back.

    About a year ago I started to change thing and don't miss a thing (with year pass + diablo CE, my sub doesn't end for another few months). I don't have even the slightest urge to log on for even 1 minute anymore. MoP had so much in it but it's still the same old thing.

    I'm not sure that it's Blizzard or the games fault, but we are all starting to get older and have been playing for so long... I think it's just time.

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    When everything is faceroll, I am bored already.

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    I'm having quite a bit of fun still. Why are you so boring, OP? :P
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    Yes, somewhat bored. But that's mostly because I am getting tired of the alt unfriendliness so far.
    And that my current realm seems to be dying doesn't help of course.

    Really looking forward to the next patch though, will keep me busy on my main. And not worry so much on my alts again.

    Also playing diablo 3 again, having a blast on my barbarian that I never really played, got some half decent gear and playing the whirlwind spec. I have literary been laughing at the screen because it is such a fun build.

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    Not really bored, as I still have lots to do, but I'm finding it hard to be as immersed as I used to be in previous expansions. This is probably due in part to the fact that I've been playing for over 8 years, though.

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    Bored to death. And developers still are quiet about how dailies and VP gear will work in 5.2. I am not looking towards doing million dailies, killing mobs with millions of HP on my tankadin, simply because every other activity became very unrewarding. Raids feel unrewarding too tbh - lottery system of rewards is old as WoW, and with thunderforged stuff thrown in the mix of already terrible loot system in 10-men, where there is simply little to no chance to win anything, is not exciting. At least VPs were alleviating this problem before, but developers heavily insist that VP gearing is "optional", so they lock gear behind millions of highly anti-social, full of grieving, dailies, and mock people with charms, pushing them to do dailies till end of x-pack.

    And there is, truly, very little interest to progress in raids. Content is seen in LFR, and why bother much to clear same content on higher difficulties if you will doubtfully get any loot from that. Just RNG once a week from week to week, but it is not enough to get sub going after done with content. When you play WoW through almost all raid tiers, you see lottery system of rewards for all it is - making people to keep their subscription while they hunt for elusive RNG drops. Instead of changing it to the better and more reliable way of progression, they locked that tiny non-RNG element of char progression in raids (aka Badges/Emblems/VP) behind grievous dailies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghado91 View Post
    My server has been progressively dying.
    Answered your own question.

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    After seeing some of the changes coming with 5.2, I'm waiting until then I'm not really 'bored' I have left WoW until then but atm I'm working on other games and college but will return once 5.2 comes. I was never bored with MoP from the beginning, there's lots to do compared to Cata.
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    If you have cleared all raids on heroic, then I can understand you being bored. But the 5.2 raid is not far away. It's fine to take a bit of break until there is new content for you.

    On the alts, I think you may just have to let them be for a while. If you don't enjoy gearing them up - and I can see why given the massive time investment you rightly identify - then best not.

    Personally, as someone on the opposite end of the raiding spectrum (cough, 6/14 normal, cough), I feel the opposite - MOP still has a lot content for me. It's a little grindy, but the alts do play differently from each other, so it's ok.

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    I'm having the best time yet.

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    I was so I quit. Thinking about resubbing with some of these changes though. I'm glad Blizzard decided to fuck off with the daily quests.

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    I still have a lot I want to do but I have been too busy IRL with work. PVP is a waste of time at the moment though, but it's looking better in 5.2. >

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    Yes. Actually just unsubbed again. The game is fun (heroics, LFR, pet battles, etc.) but after you do a few weeks/months of that there isn't much left. I'm not about to grind all those dailies to raid seriously (lets be honest, most guilds won't waste their time on you if you don't have those coins to progress twice as fast).

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    Funny how this type of thread pops up every week or so by the same person.. And this one by a first poster.

    Anyway, no I am not bored of MoP.

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    LOL, bored? With so much to do in MoP just how the heck can you be bored? I am "retired" and just don't have enough hours in the day to do all the things I really want to do. The only way I could see someone getting bored with MoP is that they are a simpleton and PVP a lot, thinking that there is all there is to WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laz View Post
    LOL, bored? With so much to do in MoP just how the heck can you be bored? I am "retired" and just don't have enough hours in the day to do all the things I really want to do. The only way I could see someone getting bored with MoP is that they are a simpleton and PVP a lot, thinking that there is all there is to WoW.
    It is possible to not like the content being offered to you, even if theirs alot of it and thus be bored of warcraft. That is in my opinion far worse than having exhausted the content you enjoyed doing and having nothing left.

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    WoW needs a lot more 5 mans and a darker theme IMO. I'd rather have a few hard heroics and many easy ones than Challenge Modes as well but I understand that Blizz have to keep 5 mans short so this works best. I really like the Challenge Modes. I just wish there were hard and long 5 mans that were very rewarding so you could take your time with them.

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