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    They've really fucked up this time with Valor Points.

    Why couldn't they just keep the Cataclysm model, but require you to earn more Valor Points. I remember being in all blues, looking at the epics thinking about how amazing it is going to feel, putting all that on. The same way I felt that going from quest greens into blues, so I could get into Heroics.

    I felt like I was progressing. I'm not asking Blizzard to tailor their systems to me, but didn't anyone else prefer the Cataclysm model, if the costs were increased?
    you feel you where progressing in cata? in cata you went from some greens to almost BiS is 2 weeks because of there jp/vp model. now with MoP you go from normal dungeon/heroic to lfr/normal 5.0 raids then go to 5.2 lfr/normal raids. and with 5.x come out it will be the same with the new raid next. that is progressing. farming heroic dungeon till you got the point for a item is not progressing imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki504 View Post
    I was about to type it..then I saw you yourself have mentioned it.

    "imo" -> a wonderful word.I love it

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    It seems like we'll have to gather reinforcements by doing dailies to unlock the new scenarios. There's a tooltip sating "More contributions to the Kirin'tor/Sunreaver Onslaught must be made before the Assault on Zeb'tula can begin"

    Could be separate quests though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIommi View Post
    Theirs something so forced about this whole developer standpoint that says WE WANT YOU TO RAID PREVIOUS CONTENT. Like in TBC it was sorta just the way it was. You didn't know any other options or know anything better and it didn't seem like the heavy hand of the developer was pushing you to do this old crap that the other guilds were done with already. Now when they make comments about how the developers don't want you to skip that stuff, it just feels so forced. Like heres the path do it because we say so because fast catchup is to good for you. It's like a million times better than the daily model for valor gear in 5.0 but at the same time I don't know something bugs me about it.

    I should still say that I'm extremely happy about no more daily quest for gear bullshit. Probably will resub when this patch drops. This sounds like something closer to the wrath way of doing things. Although your not gonna do rep runs apparently. Still it beats the living piss out of daily quests for gear which they abandoned pretty fast.
    So, back when you were ignorant everything was fine and dandy, but when you actually learned about the thought process behind game design you suddenly can't go to sleep at night?

    And I would have loved to have seen the threads about how WoW devs were "forcing' you to continue to grind valor badges throughout the expansion.
    Your comments are duly noted and ignored.
    I punch a hobo every time someone says 'it's not a rotation it's a priority list lol'.

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    two new factions in 5.2: one will use daily quests and will not have valor items; the other faction will work with the Throne of Thunder Raid and will have Valor items. But you have to have ilvl 480 minimum to do LFR version of Throne of Thunder in order to earn rep to eventually buy the new valor gear.

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    They are including new Valor items.

    I think a blue on the front page that they won't ALL be tied to reputation (meaning that some might). That being said, I wager that the new reps will sell vanity items (toys, pets, mounts) and potentially some catch up gear for gold.

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