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    Yay, Lunar Festival?

    I can't help but feel like somebody dropped the ball. Despite MoP's Asian theme, the main page sums everything up in one sentence:

    There aren't really any significant changes to Lunar Festival this year, just keep in mind that you can grab the other faction's pet by making a character on that faction or purchasing it from the AH.
    Eh, what the heck? We have a multi-week holiday that fits the expansion theme and nobody thought to add even a bit of new content for the new zones? Maybe at least a pet to fit the 12 year cycle of the Chinese zodiac?

    If it is a choice between 5.2 or updated character models vs. holidays, I can understand that updated holidays are on the back burner; however, this is a bit disappointing!

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    Yeah they could have at least added new elders in Pandaria and an achiev for that. Would have given players who have done the event before something new to do.

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    they probably didn't have time to work on it. maybe next year
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    With the amount of elders I have to visit, I don't mind them not adding anything. But that's only because this is my first Lunar Festival, will prolly be pretty boring next year...

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    I was quite surprised too. The one truly fitting Pandaren-themed holiday other than Brewfest, and... nothing. :|
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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    they probably didn't have time to work on it. maybe next year
    If they had the time to make the latest Blizzstore grotesque mount, then they've had enough time to at least make a mount as reward for this year's festival.
    Selling it for real money at the Blizzstore is more profitable though.

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    Why would they even bother with this "holiday" as it was never really big in all wow's history. To be honest, this was the first year in all of my 7 years of gameplay in which I actually completed the first quest. Never even bother with it.

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    And once more the devs slack. It couldn't have taken them much, make a new mini pet, add some new costumes. Give omen some loot stop.

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    Glad to buy the opposite faction pet, but otherwise its fairly disappointing... Pandaren Elders at least would have been nice... at least 5.2 looks good so far.

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    It's surprising they didn't add Elders to Pandaria. I've been leveling a 'lock lately in Jade Forest and every time there is less other people leveling their characters. Everyone else is probably at 90 already, yet I don't see even their alts there, but those new Elders could have added a reason to see more players while leveling.

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