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    I care about transmog for my 2 main characters. I usually alternate between the T2, T8, T10 and T11 sets on both my paladin and my druid. Also, I've got tons and tons of random sets I've gathered since vanilla. Old weapons that can't be gotten anymore, random cloaks and helms... shit like that. Hell, I collected sets to wear around Stormwind before transmog was ever even thought up.

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    No character can be considered complete until they have at least one complete transmog set with matching mount.

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    Oh yeah forgot about mounts!! I also pick special mounts according to my gear lol

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    Of course, and don't forget different sets for different specs as well! Plus all the money you can make selling pieces you don't want.

    Is it really that long ago we were all happy in our rainbow of mismatched colors? Can't even fathom that now. Walking up Blade's Edge mountains both ways, avoiding the green lava, demonic hellspawn menacing you the whole time. Oops sorry, there I go again...

    /end nostalgia

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    Sure do! Spent alot more time this expansion collecting old stuff for nostalgic reasons or to look awesome. Wish they lowered the costs of older pvp gear. Liked alot of those looks and it seems silly to me that alot of it is still priced so highly. Like season 4 gear is obviously vastly superior to s1-s3 and yet those pieces cost next to nothing. Wish that applied to each level group. Wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't sold it all though. Was waiting for a feature like this to be implemented for a long time :]

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    Not at all, actually.

    I don't mind it at all that other people want to transmog (all the more fun for them!), but I'm not in the least interested in it, myself.
    I have good reasons though! I'm a bit of the other way around, some people are steadfast in their ways about transmogging, I'm steadfast in my way about not using it, even if the gear I'm sporting is ugly. My main reason is that all the armor sets to me belong to certain eras, and while I've kept my End-of-Wrath set, for instance, I won't ever transmog to it. I keep it to remind myself of the time when I wore that armor and if the armor happens to be cool, all the better. :P But I've always used the current armor that I can get when it is current, i.e. in Firelands I used that set (yes, transmog wasn't out then), and when DS came out I gradually switched to the new armor.
    That's the main reason why getting new armor from a new tier is fun, you get to update your character. And when you update it you leave the current set behind with the old raiding tier or era, so that when you look at it later on, that's what you'll remember.
    Even if a set is ugly (I think the current druid tier is, for example), I'll still wear it, because the set belongs to the time when I have that armor, and also because it'll be more fun to switch it out once 5.2 arrives.
    Cause if you just use one set all the time, I really don't see the fun in getting new gear. Sure stats are one thing, but seeing your character change over the course of the game is much better.

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    It's the stupid things in this game I love. Transmog is one of the best things they added: unlike a majority of my server, I find ways to be creative with my mogs. Back when the feature came out, my hunter ran around looking like Catwoman. Currently, I think my priest has the best mog I've made this expac:

    I'm trying to come up with one for my female plate wearing orc for when she hits 90. I have a general idea of what it's going to be (let's just say it'll be a little disturbing- think green skin tight armor on a green female orc).

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    One of the highlights from Cataclysm, not that that says a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badhairday View Post
    Not sure if you mentioned judging because of what I wrote, but I'll clarify what I meant anyway! I don't judge people for not transmogging, but I do kinda judge people who transmog into something that just doesn't look good (thinking more color-wise than actual models, I loathe seeing someone transmogging random pieces that doesn't fit at all). I still judge people, though. D:
    That wasn't meant for you but as a general answer to the question

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    Nice to see so many kindred spirits

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    Eh, as a monk I do not really care for it. On my druid I am trying to make a stary armor set but I am having probelms finding stary stuff besides weapons.
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    I like it but I'm not a hoarder that will try to get every tier piece possible, no.
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    I think transmog was one of the best things introduced in WoW, i hated walking around looking like a clown with pieces from different sets, i have 8 characters at 85 and 3 at 90 and i farmed transmog sets for all of them since transmog was added.

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    No, not really.

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    Transmog was a God-send for me, especially with the 9-months of DS. Considering that I rarely had the time to do DS with my guild, when the rest of them wanted to, it was a great time-filler to go to old raids and dungeons and farm for the one specific piece. Nothing made me happier than when I finally got Robes of the Guardian Saint on my Nelf mage or Fist of Molten Fury for my shaman.
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    If blizzards sets would not be so damn ugly I would not have to farm old sets

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    I'm super vain, so yeah.
    Look! Words!

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    I love mogging, generally just to get all my gear looking the same rather than a mix match of colours and styles. I do wish mogging worked more like the wardrobe function in rift combined with the dye system in GW2 tho.

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    Collecting random mog sets keeps me busy whenever I get bored, so yea I enjoy it.

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