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    Under lvl 90 flying in Pandaria

    While leveling my rogue in Jade Forest I had thought i saw a lvl 86 come down on a wind rider and get a mining node then get on it again and leave. At first I thought i might have gotten the level wrong so I just ignored it. I saw several other characters doing this also they Look like they are walking on invisible steps and their animation looks very choppy. Any one else seen this? I also saw a level 81 in Valley of the 4 winds doing this.

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    Guys botting herbing/mining, they target a herb/node and go straight to it in the same animation you described!

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    Exactly what Bghero said. I report them and submit a ticket when I see them. I also alert their guild leader or an officer as high up in their guild as possible as to what's going on. Ordinarily, they're gone within a day or two, and kicked out of their guild in about that same amount of time.

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    Has been happening for a while, reading up on it a couple months ago, it's a program that isn't detectable as of yet, and that's all I'll say. I remember seeing a shadow priest in jade forest doing exactly what you describe, and he would just fly away very choppy. In any case, if you see that happening report the person for "cheating" and explain what's up.

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    Yep is a bot / hacker or whatever they be seen an alliance pally on my server doing the same thing. Can spot them a mile away by how as you said their movement is not normal and very erratic. I did at one point grab a node before this bot could was funny to watch after when the bot could not decide what to do because I had gotten the node before them..
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    Yeah I've seen this once to. It's a bot like others have said. Best bet is to report it or if you have a character of the other faction kill it!

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    Had same last night, in vot4w in the farmland areas and a level 83 paladin (on shadow council) was flying erratic on basic gryphon diving down to all mining nodes.
    Reported it and had fastest GM response ever, less than 2mins and got the GM wants to chat message.
    Awesome GM, said it would be dealt with immediately as due to their level their is no doubt it isn't legit.
    Was really impressed by it, sadly logged in little while ago and 24 hours later the same paladin is still there....


    No naming & shaming
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