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    Mine is probably 7 times gold roll

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    43 rolls between lfr and normals in the 10 the weeks Terrace has been out on Lei Shi... 0 loots on rolls, 1 lfr shoulder drop but not by using a coin.

    I hear there is a gun that drops and you can put the legendary gem I got 2 months ago in it and use the prismatic slot I got 2 weeks ago that drops in Terrace somewhere...


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    Trying to find exactly how many times I've killed Sha of Anger, but that's my record. Somewhere in the 9-10 range with nothing, not including the fact that he's only dropped PvP bracers for me as well.

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    I've never won a single item with the coins, I'm done with them at this point.

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    So my guess is that coins don't have the exact same drop chance that normal loot has. Or am I mistaken?

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    I usually get 1 item from a coin every week. I don't use all my coins every week though

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    *points to Sig* 11 weeks on the trot with no Claw OR Teir chest peice from Empress and no Tier Shoulders from Lei Shi.

    those two bitches have three weeks till my sub runs out, if they've not dropped by then.....
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    I rolled and got an item I already had, and rolled again on another boss and got something I didn't even want (1h Axe, and I'm a TG warrior)
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    Every week I get at least one item from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HavokFURY View Post
    I rolled and got an item I already had, and rolled again on another boss and got something I didn't even want (1h Axe, and I'm a TG warrior)
    well it sucks even more if you did sha lfr and the 2h drops. used a charm and get anoth 2h weapon while your a dw frost dk...

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    I have used 3 elder charms per week since their inception. This has resulted in two of the same raid finder belt dropping and nothing else, ever.
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    I've used my last 16 charms trying to get the trinket from tsulong and nothing yet.

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    The last few week for me. When i used my first one on Sha i got loot from it. Since that glorious moment i have had possibly 2 drops from them in all this time. I use 3 a week and its been a good few week dry spell.
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