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    Tiny glass splinter in my finger

    Hey, I just got a tiny tiny glass splinter on my finger. It bleeds a little bit and I can feel that it's there, but I can't for the life of me get it out.


    Edit: It's under my skin.

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    if you can´t get it out with a pincette get yourself a sharp knife or something alike, scalpelle if you have one and cut as deep as needed... done
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    Go to a doctor or something <.<
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    See your avatar for a brilliant suggestion.

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    Tried soaking your hands to soften the skin, then using tweezers?

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    Your body knows how to deal with it. Wound will fester and splinter will pop out. Or your finger will suffer from gangrene and doctor will cut it off
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    Festering and ejection only occurs with organic material. Glass tends to work inwards due to muscle contractions around the object. Fiberglass is especially bad for this.

    If you cannot cut towards it and remove it yourself, go request a medical professional to do so.

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    I once had glass stuck in the bottom of my foot once. My dad told me to gently apply duct tape over the part of my foot where the glass was and rip it off. It actually worked!
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    I had a glass splinter in the callus on my big toe once. Damn thing took an x-acto knife and a pair of tweezers to get out.

    But if you do try to remove it yourself, make sure you use a tool that won't break off in your skin (the mistake I made with a fresh x-acto blade).

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    Go to a doctor, if it's under the skin it's probably too late to pull out.

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    I got it out but hopefully it didn't break off or something but I can't feel much anymore. Thanks for the suggestions, I will probably go to a doctor if it starts to hurt or something.

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    Wait a while, It will grow out not too long from now. I had glass in my foot and left it for a few days, Your skin will just grow it out.
    If its really bothering you, You could go to a doctor but its not really a big deal. Also making your finger wet with hot water could help as it makes your skin soft and puffy. But i think your skin will have to be under water for a while!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcrobaticMegalodon View Post
    Hey, I just got a tiny tiny glass splinter on my finger. It bleeds a little bit and I can feel that it's there, but I can't for the life of me get it out.


    Edit: It's under my skin.
    This just happened to my gandpa. He had a shard of glass stuck under the skin of his heel. It healed over and developed a bump. It wasn't infected or anything, it just hurt a lot for him when he walked. He had to get it surgically removed.

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    Takes a crane to get it out.
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    I had a piece of bamboo stuck in one of my fingers for the about a month. Glass however, sounds like it could be a bit more dangerous if it splinters further and so on. Would suggest a visit to the doctor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AcrobaticMegalodon View Post
    Hey, I just got a tiny tiny glass splinter on my finger. It bleeds a little bit and I can feel that it's there, but I can't for the life of me get it out.

    Yeah, it's annoying. The problem with glass is that it is basically invisible especially once you start digging for it, contaminating the site with blood and broken skin.

    I once managed to get a tiny splinter into my finger on the side. It was mildly annoying for a long time. Every now and then I would try to extract it with a needle and tweezers. Typically, the attempt at "digging" it out with a needle would make a bit of a mess, and then I could no longer feel or see the splinter, so I'd leave it to heal. Eventually it would become annoying again and the cycle would repeat. This continued for about 2 years until I eventually got it right and got the bugger out.

    At one stage I did speak to my GP about it. He said he could try get it out with a needle and tweezers, but since it is difficult to see it would have a low chance of success. The only surefire way of getting it out would be to cut out a piece of flesh around the thing. He reckoned that what was inside me wasn't dangerous so much as annoying.

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    If you lived near me I have my dissecting kit and I'd be able to remove it no problem minimum damage.

    i mean. It's scary to think about but you should cut your skin open and try to get it out.

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    Amputate, only choice.
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    I know this is 3 years after you did this message but keep in mind drawing salve i have currently glass in my finger been trying to get it out for weeks not a good result if u cant afford drawing salve you can always use baking soda with a small bit of water until it forms a gel currently on my finger i have drawing salve if u cant get in ur pharmacy or drug store order it from a medical site never of ebay or an site on medical wise my friend amelia she bought some drawing salve of ebay and it was cocaine be careful i have glass many a times and drawing salve does the trick it does sting but no that bad but if u leave the glass in u will end up with blood poison leave it on for 24 hours with a breathable plaster or bandaid not tissue and before to do it make sure u lift up ur skin close enough so the drawing salve can work good look in the futer if u have kids

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