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    Question Hunter vs DK

    Hey guys im rerolling from a balance druid to either hunter or dk and looking for some advice on them in pvp. How do they match up in bgs/arenas, which one pulls ahead of the other? Hows their damage on geared players? Just looking for a overall advice on them in the pvp world. thx for the help

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    Hunters have better survivability but less constant damage. They also have higher burst and more CC.
    DKs have higher constant damage but lower burst. Have more peels and can silence.
    The burst is more speculation than fact for me. I play a disc that's hanging around in the 2k bracket.

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    Seeing as you were a balance druid. Did you enjoy multi-dotting as many people as possible? If so, you should DEFINATELY go DK. I'm rolling a DK myself from druid. And the only reason I'm doing so really is because of the ability to spread my diseases. With hunters having NO way of spreading damage besides spamming multishot (considering you're MM) it just feels boring to me in situations with many players.

    If you're into solo PvP i'd go for hunter. But if you want to be able to kill someone when left alone. I'd say go DK.

    Another thing: DK = moreso anti-caster while having a harder time versus melee.

    Coming from someone, like I said, also rerolling from a druid. I'd go DK. With frost having extreme burst (higher than BM I reckon), or unholy with extremely nice sustained damage.

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