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    Wrathion PVP quests - How to gear up?

    Okay I have not done any PVP in MoP and now I have the quests from Wrathion to win 2 MoP battlegrounds. I don't have any PVP gear and I play Demonology Warlock. I have played a Frostmage in PVP in Cata so I am not a total noob, I need suggestions on what I should do to get 2 wins under my belt. I only play demonology too.

    Which pet should I use?
    Should I buy the ilevel 450 pvp gear even though I am ilevel 487?
    Are there any websites which explain the 2 mop zones where I have to do pvp and win?

    I don't plan to do this long term, just long enough to get these quests done. Thanks.

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    If it's just two wins.. just queue up and lay into whatever looks like it might be healing.

    I really don't think it's worth bothering to gear if you're only aiming for two wins.

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    I've done it on two characters now with no pvp gear. It took three games total for each character. Just queue and follow the herd.

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    Okay thanks for the info.

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