View Poll Results: Which healer do you prefer?

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  • Restoration Shaman

    20 18.52%
  • Mistweaver Monk

    11 10.19%
  • Restoration Druid

    17 15.74%
  • Holy Priest

    6 5.56%
  • Holy Paladin

    21 19.44%
  • Discipline Priest

    33 30.56%
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    I voted for the disc priest, but mistweavers are right there beside them.

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    When my warrior was my main back in wrath/early cata I loved paladin and priest healers, I have no idea why, just felt safe.

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    And how exactly is that unique?
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    Erm, I don't even notice what class the healer is. Just whether or not they keep up with pulls and don't go AFK.
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    For heroics, just my dk and 4 dps. For challenge modes I prefer a resto druid (solid output despite us moving forward constantly, and roar is great), objectively I could argue that there are better options, but that's what I feel comfy with.. For raiding I love a hpala (best tankhealing in the game and amazing utility).

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    The one that can keep up with my pulls
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    When doing hc's i like resto druids, I don't take very much dmg and a hot will keep me topped off and i like a full health bar.
    Disc priests that atonement heal works the same if they know what they are doing but far too many times have i had a disc priest that only knew how to pw:shield and when peoples health's bar started dropping they wouldn't know what to do.
    I heal as a shaman myself and the main heals are so large that you need to let the tank drop somewhat in health before you cast the first one or you waste most of it, but when I'm tanking i like to see the bar full all the time
    Monks healing have had me scared several times even during low periods of incoming dmg it just seems weak for 5 mans if there happen to be any spiky group dmg, it might be because of low gear i can't really say.
    Paladins works a lot like shamans I guess, but they tend to have some small instant heals as well.

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    Like others, I prefer a good, competent, healer when I tank. I likewise prefer a good, competent, tank when I'm healing. I admit though, I got really happy when I was with a DK who could actually tank in Cata because I knew it'd go by easy. And I kinda had a thing for doing some DPS as Holy just because I could.
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