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    Shucks I really wanted this to be really, but alas you can clearly see the WMP bar at the bottom at the beginning of the video. Still a fun video to watch.

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    Well when I was 6 I was pwning in Mario and I could literally finish Contra blindfolded without losing one life.

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    Same headphones as mine, but she plays better than me

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthedevil View Post
    Its a cute idea but it's a little to fake.
    true wish they had put a little more effort into it.

    Holy paladin played by a pre school teen in arena and doing well is totally believable, after all that is what the class is designed for.

    But you still need to make sure you package it well enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia View Post
    PvP on holy pala - so easy, a 6-year-old can do it.
    fixed that for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia View Post
    PvP - so easy, a 6-year-old can do it.
    Insinuating that PvE wouldn't be easy for her too, if she actually had been the one PvPing?
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