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    Swapping to PVP Focus...Advice Please!

    Hi all! After years of PVE heroic raiding, I'm bored... Planning on full swap to PVP in 5.2. I've done arena 2v2/3v3 up to the maybe 1500s for gear at the beginning of xpacs and always loved the added challenge of human opponents. I'm aiming to get into RBGs primarily.

    That being said, I've narrowed down the classes to the following that I enjoy in BGs: Mistweaver, Windwalker, Boomkin, Destro-lock. I've been really watching the success of the classes currently and watching the 5.2 notes, but what class looks to be a good class for me and RBGs?

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    RBG's? Boomkin. Solar Beam + mass grip is insane. So is Boomkin damage for that matter.

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    Boomkins are always a good choice, but I'd say windwalker, looking at the notes they look like fun. Dunno how they're doing on live right now, but seems they get bufed pretty well. But like said above, Solarbeam + the grip is very very usefull in RBG's

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    Blizzard is always screwing balance. So pick a class that you like most, eventually one of the specs will be OP for a while.

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    Boomers always have a spot in RBGs, they're pretty much mandatory.

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    Boomkin does seem like a great choice, but I'm concerned to roll such a popular class... realm pops/trade chat always seems to be saturated with druids. Druid class does give the 3 viable specs for rbgs.

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    it actually gives 4 great specs...guardians make really good RBG FC's if you're interested in that. or feral, there's far less feral that boomy's. But, also like said above, play what you enjoy. MOST classes are viable and good for RBG's, so just have fun

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