Hey, guys, have you ever said that MOP was Alt Unfriendly? A great idea hit me tonight that I think would change all of that for players like myself who love to play 3 or more toons simultaneously.

The problem with alts is not leveling, as you just need to get down to business when you're ready to have another toon level to 90. Its life. Gearing up is also not the problem, because it does not take more than a few weeks of sustained effort to get a new 90 up to 460 and 470 for each respective level of lfr, if you're putting in the effort. Dailies aren't even the problem, because you can do as much or as little as you like, and work your faction reps at your own pace, and still have decent access to gearing for lfr and beyond, thanks to crafting gear and increased reputation gains one your main hits revered with a faction. For that matter, the only faction I have needed to buy a valor piece from to get into the lfr was the Klaxxi, which was easy because of double valor from normal leveling quests while progressing through the Dread Wastes on route to lvl 90 (doubled by said rep bonus for hitting revered with your main). Nope, getting another alt up to active MOP shape doesn't take more than a month at worst if you focus at all on the task.

The problem is how to make playing a larger # of toons meaningful. In my opinion, the most important aspect of maintaining an active MOP alt is valor capping each week. Capping valor opens up most doorways of progression such as gear, upgrades, etc.(even allows one to gain the 6000 valor to complete the second level of the heroic questline). The problem is how long it takes to cap valor on a single toon - its so high, the thought of doing it on 3 or more toons is almost unbearable, and so many of us don't even bother leveling up more than a few alts in MOP.

What if Blizzard understood this, and implemented a scaling buff to valor gains each week for every toon valor capped during that week? The buff could start low, so that players who preferred to focus on one or 2 toons would barely be affected at all, but then scale to a greater rate when one valor caps their 3rd and each subsequent toons, perhaps up to some ceiling I suppose, but even that could be negotiable. The bottom line is, that players like myself who prefer quantity over quality could manage to play and enjoy a number of toons in MOP, and actually have a chance to make meaningful progression on each one of them. I mean, if a player is dedicated enough to put the work in to valor cap 2 toons, why shouldn't the 3rd be a little quicker and easier? Why shouldn't the 5th capped toon be much easier than the third, and the 10th much easier than that? If a player is that interested in playing a larger # of characters, and is willing to put a lot of work into it like that, then why shouldn't Blizzard give them some sort of support to aid and reward their efforts?

In my opinion, Blizzard helped create players like myself who enjoy playing a number of different characters simultaneously, by allowing Cata to get a little stale at the end. However, I come to really enjoy the variety of multiple toons, and want to keep playing them all if I could. Why should Blizzard ignore this type of player, when an idea like this would allow them to support our playstyle? Any thoughts on this, gang?

P.S. I know Blizzard has implemented a similar idea in the past where valor was buffed once one toon was valor capped, but in my opinion, never more has a system like this been needed then in the currently "alt-unfriendly" MOP expansion. It is a similar idea to the rep gain buffs once a toon hits revered with a faction too, so Blizzard is already warmed up to such an idea to aid players with alts.