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    Post Do you spend over $100, £100, €100 on a single piece of clothes?

    Just wondering if anyone here spends that much on a single pair of clothes. Not counting shoes or jewelry things like shirts or jeans or the equivalent.

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    um.. i think i spent about 108$ on a jacket once.

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    I don't remember spending under $100 on a piece of clothing. My missus is always spending $400+ on dresses as well. One vest she got was $890. She is a retard though.
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    Most I spent on a single piece of clothing was a jacket for I think $165, but one of those real classy looking ones. Other than that I dont really buy clothes that often and since I'm on a student budget I try not to spend that much on clothing even when I decide to buy some.
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    Not spent that much on indoor clothes, but did buy a winter jacket for 120 euro this year

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    never spent that much on clothes ever. not even on a pair of shoes.

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    Well, it was a gift not something that I bought... but GoreTex boots, something around 180 US equivalent.
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    Of course. Suits, even separating them into jackets and slacks, the individual components are much more than $100 a piece. Coats? Quality shoes? Well made sneakers? All are around or over $100.
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    Many pairs of jeans can be $30-$40 but I've never dropped $100 on any one outfit. In my opinion the price tag doesn't mean an outfit looks good or not. I've bought some really good looking and soft shirts that look like they'd be expensive but were only 5 bucks.

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    Most of my shopping I do in thrift stores and church sales and stuff where I can find really fun things for next to nothing. But, the stuff that I do buy new, I usually am willing to pay more for, so it isnt uncommon for me to pay well over $100 on jeans, slacks, shirts, sweaters, etc.

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    Never. I can't imagine any piece of clothing ever being worth over 100 euros for me. That said, I buy quality clothes.

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    Never lol, I come from a family that's known for being mad cheap that abuses every good coupon we get.

    I don't really care about my clothes much anyway, to be honest with you. For school I usually just wear a sweatsuit or hoodie since I'm there for a long time, and at home I dress like a bum.

    My grandma buys me clothes when she sees something on sale in Florida lol I think she buys most of my clothes, and I'm talking like $4 thin sweater sales.

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    Yes easy, last jacket I bought was over $100.
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    The only item I ever had that got that close was a proper motorbike jacket, it cost £230.

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    Scarab Lord Bryntrollian's Avatar
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    $300 on a pair of jeans...
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    I don't have the luxury to spend that much on clothes, not enough income. i just get 10$ clothes for the most part that look decent enough to make me not look like a hobo. i don't get fashion anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryntrollian View Post
    $300 on a pair of jeans...
    Those jeans better have an attachment to "pleasure" you while you walk around for that kind of money...

    My jacket cost about 200 bucks and my boots cost about 175 bucks. Excluding those, the most I have ever spent on a piece of clothing was around 50 bucks.
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    I buy new cloths quite rarely in general, as I wear most of them for years.
    But when I do, I usually buy what appeals to me...I already did spent for example 400€ on a jacket or 170€ on a pair of jeans.

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    Only thing I've ever bought that expensive was a wool winter coat which ran about $275 but it's lasted 8 years now so its a good one.

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    Mechagnome plastkaze's Avatar
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    I rarely buy anything cheaper than 100$, lol.
    T-shirts being the exception but since I usually go for shirts, jackets and other things that appeal to me the pricetag usually goes up.
    Trying to keep it beneath 300$ though. Exception being my jacket for 900$...(which was on sale, hah)

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