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I'll state first that I'm not taking issue with the o.p. I'll also say that this thread was responsible for me closing down my Facebook profile yesterday. There was nothing really bad on there (or shouldn't be, although I have some stupid friends and who knows whether something they posted on my wall 3 years ago that I don't even remember could paint me in a negative light) but it's a headache and I'd rather just not have to think about it. So Hyve, I appreciate your contribution with this thread if only as a way to educate us about the ways companies can get at our "private" info even if I don't like the fact that your company uses them. =)

As far as the Affiliates and Service provides thing, those to me don't really leave them much room for that backdoor practice, at least in the summations they give at the end. "We give your information to the people and companies that help us provide, understand and improve the services we offer." seems to only involve business partners, and what part of that leaves room for "business partners that want to treat us like an internet PI firm using our 'secret' data?" "We and our affiliates may use shared information to help provide, understand, and improve our services and their own services." doesn't really open the way for these practices either. I guess very broadly you might be able to say that FB says that, but it'd be a real stretch and just based on those paragraphs I don't see how it would hold up if they were taken to court. But hey, I'm no lawyer.
Unless you deleted all that was there and sent a request to Facebook for your account to be permanently deleted for real, the data of your former facebook profile is still there by the way.