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I've noticed a trend when people whisper me calling me bad and fail or flaming over my gear, whatever
It's always the people who can't properly type, and why is that?

I've never seen anyone whispering me about my gear like "Your gear is not so good, and it's affecting your performance" (example)
Instead it's something like "loOl ur fhail GTFo u scr0b fuck" and that doesn't make any sense.

I had one person whisper me today about me using Dual Wield instead of 2-handers in a BG, and his grammar was bad, and all in caps.

I mean how hard is it to just type properly? I'm Finnish and I can do it fine. Sure, there are spelling errors here and there but it's nothing
compared to flaming douchebags in the game and you can actually understand what I'm typing.

Cheers ~ Me
Sadly enough there are plenty of people in the game that only have one more braincell more than required preventing them from crapping their pants all the time. Expecting somewhat civilized behaviour from those people is not fair, they're just too stupid and would have been put in an asylum 60 years ago.... these days they roam free in society.

/ignore <insert name here> is your friend...