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    Unqualified 10 man - Stormrage (H) - LF Raiders

    Dear all,

    Unqualified is a very friendly and close raiding guild that prides itself on progression without the hardcore image. We have been around for some time and are very stable on Stromrage EU.

    We currently have two 10 man raider teams and we are on the lookout for a balance Druid with resto offspec for our raider team (team 2).

    The raider team is for people that like to raid but also have real life commitments. We raid 2 nights a week on Thursday and Tuesday 2000 - 2330 server time.

    We started raiding seriously mid/late november with a solid core of players but due to the woes of Christmas we are now on the look out for a good tank (not warrior).

    We are currently 2/16 HC 15/16 N.

    Gear and experience are not critical but would be a nice bonus. Skill with a positive attitude and a willingness to progress is a must and any candidates will be carefully considered.

    other specs will also be considered, dependant on the strength of the application.

    Check out our website at unqualified.wowstead.com to make an application.

    Alternatively pm on the site or contact me ingame on jinh (stormrage) for more information and a chat. If you post here and seem interested i can also contact you ingame.

    have fun and happy raiding
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    Also on the lookout for a ranged dps, preferably a boom kin with a resto offspec (off spec not mandatory).

    Must be keen, willing to learn and have potential.

    Applicants at unqualified.wowstead.com


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    On the lookout for a shadow priest to bolster our ranks. Guild site above. Apply now.

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    Shadow Priest and tank accepted. Still looking for a boom kin with resto offspec.

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    2/16 HC down in less than 2 hours in heroic mode. Join now and enjoy the ride.

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