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    Editbox won't show when using KGpanels chatframe buttons

    Hello fellow MMO-champs,

    atm i am trying to create 4 buttons to show differend chatframes when pressed.
    so far if made 4 buttons:

    and loot.

    in the onclick section of the scripts i placed this code.

    if pressed then

    i repeated this code on every button and only changed the 1 frame to show and the rest to hide.

    so atm that all works and every chatframe shows and hides accordenly.

    but now if encounterd a flaw....
    somehow i'm unable to type in chat when using the differend chatframes.
    i'm only able to type when i last pressed the general chat.
    if i try typing while having the general chat hidden it will not show me the editbox.

    oddly enough this sometimes jumps around to where i need to be in my loot frame to be able to chat.

    does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
    my only goal is to make 4 buttons to switch between chatframe tabs. so i can get rid of the ugly default tabs
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    Don't have time to look it up right now, but you might want to look into the default UI's implementation of the chat tabs. Use /fstack to find their frame names, then go from there.
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    I don't know what happens in the OnScript handler; a simple solution that might work is, where the number represents the tab in sequence:
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    i used Fstack to get the chatframe number.
    also the error sometimes appears to resolve itself.
    sadly it pops it's ugly head after switching a tab again.

    so far if disabled my addons appart from KGpanels and prat. still got the problem.
    then i disabled prat and yet again the bugg presists.

    not sure if anyone els has these buttons and wishes to share the code the used. but id be glad to get some reference material seeing this is the first time i tried using scripts in KGpanels.

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    noticed i can bypass the bug by clicking on someones name to force the editbox to show in that tabframe.
    so i can use em now without much hassle.

    still working out what keeps my editbox from showing when i hide the chatframes tho

    also Woogs, atm i'm using only 3 scripts in the KGpanels.
    1 for on enter and on leave to make the buttons glowup when hovering my mouse over em.
    and the code to hide the 3 other chatframes when i switch to general ect.

    about your code. should i put that into the onclick script and use it like i used my code?
    not sure how to handle that code atm.
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