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    Any farming spot for Azure Whelpling ?

    I just spent about 6 hours to farm the Azure Whelpling in winterspring, i also made all the quests of the zone and got exalted to timbermaw furbolgs, i absolutely want this whelpling cause i got the three others on Burning Crusade, and never looted the azure since.

    Don't you know a farming spot for azure whelpling ? I'm actually killing random mobs of Winterspring, but i would like to know if an optimal farming spot, with a fast respawn time and many mobs exist.

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    If its any given mob in winterspring the elementals in frostwhisper gorge respawn very quickly. They also drop essence of water which can be expensive depending on your server economy and have a chance to drop desirable greens for transmog as well as BoE epics and rares.

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