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    Does this realm exist?

    Hey guys I am trying to find a realm that meets all of these requirements, but some of these wow realm websites contradict each other and I'm not sure if anything is up to date.

    1. EST
    2. PVP realm
    3. Balanced or Alli dominated
    4. High/very high pop

    Does such a server exist out there?

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    Bleeding Hollow US
    "I hated hating Garrosh before it was cool."

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    Plenty of them excist on EU, I can't say anything about US.

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    Kel'thuzad. Really the absolute best PvP realm on the east coast. Ridiculously high pop and very heavily Alliance dominated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingriku View Post
    Bleeding Hollow US
    Ill look into that one, ty.

    Plenty of them excist on EU, I can't say anything about US.
    US, forgot to specify

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    Sargeras also fits that bill iirc

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    I think Sargeras is central time, but other than that, yeah, it fits perfectly. High pop, PVP, and alliance dominated.

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    I use a combination of http://wow.realmpop.com/ and http://www.wowprogress.com/ to help me in deciding where to move. Realmpop helps me pick specific servers (timezone/pve/pvp/etc) and wowprogress help in horde:alliance ratio / progression. Filter wowprogress by US > Servers, that should give you a list of top servers progression wise.

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    I would suggest Emerald Dream for Alliance and if you want, for horde, Twisting Nether. And both of them are medium to high population at peak times.
    And LOTS of World PVP... So don't be afraid of Stormwind NPCs dying periodically. But I personally <3 World PVP and city raids. Makes it seem like a world of WARcraft for me... Just my opinion though.

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