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    should I upgrade

    I currently play swtor and using my gateway that I bought 3 years ago

    Intel i7 860 2.80 GHz
    Ati Radeon HD 5770 1024mb
    8GB ddr 3 ram
    1tb harddrive

    I was thinking of upgrading cause I am not able to play swtor on high settings and I have about $1500 to spend should i upgrade or build a whole new thing

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    If you WANT to upgrade, and have the money, you might as well go for it. $1,500 will get you pretty far on a full build. You can reuse your Hard Drive for storage (I suggest a SSD for boot drive.) With pretty much any OEM the only thing (I think, at least,) worth keeping, is the CPU and HDD. Your motherboard is probably very limited, RAM is probably kind of slow, power supply probably small, etc.
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    I'd upgrade the video card. Everything else seems like it can easily last you a couple more years at least.

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    The CPU is fine, as is the RAM & HDD.

    Get a better GPU and you'll be golden.
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    Overclock your current CPU and wait for Haswell at least before you consider upgrading the CPU.
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    Depends on what your trying to do. is SWTOR the only thing?

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