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    [H Draenor] Release Run Back 9/16 Heroic (Tank and healer needed)

    Release run back is a 10 man semi-hardcore raiding guild on Draenor EU with focus on progress while having a good and fun atmosphere.


    Current progress: 9/16 heroic - All normal content cleared.

    Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 HC
    Heart of Fear - 3/6 HC
    Terrace of Endless Springs - 4/4 N

    Our current focus is on HoF heroic progress followed by Terrace progress.


    Regardless of what the recruitment status say we are always looking for exceptional players regardless of class and role.

    Tank: prot paladin
    Healers: closed
    Dps: Moonkin


    Raiding Schedule
    Currently we raid 4 days a week (Server time!)

    Wednesday: 20.00 (invite starts 19:45) – 24:00
    Thursday: 20.00 (invite starts 19:45) – 24:00
    Sunday: 20.00 (invite starts 19:45) – 24:00
    Tuesday: 20.00 (invite starts 19:45) – 24:00

    During progress, raid times might be extended if the percentage of the boss is low, we might also start earlier on progress.


    What we expect of you:
    - Be mature, preferably 18+, exceptions can be made.
    - Mature view on the game, meaning you put 100% focus during raid time as well as being able to socialize with the rest of the guild during dead-time.
    - As a raider you are required to sign up on all raids. We use the ingame calender so you accept, decline or set yourself as tentative, atleast 24 hours before the raid.
    - Be punctual and on time, if you cant make it in time we expect you to let us know.
    - High raiding attendance, as close to 100% as possible.
    - A steady internet connection, being offline does not help us.
    - Wiping on a new boss is your first love, have patience and stay focused.
    - Be able to think fast and adapt if things go wrong during an encounter.
    - Be able to understand fights quickly, wiping because of the same mistake is not acceptable.
    - Be able to avoid damage where possible, dying because you did not see the fire is not acceptable.
    - Know all specs of your class extremely well, we will ask for off specs.
    - Do not criticize or counter decisions or descriptions in open raid chat/voicecom. Send them a message or talk to them after the raid in private Please).
    - Be able to take criticism and improve if it is told. It is only for the greater good of the team and counts for every one of us, you almost always have something that can be improved - keep that in mind.
    - Always have the best enchants/gems/professions for your class and role.
    - Have required addons installed and up to date. Required addons can be found on our website.
    - Show up for the raid fully repaired and with food, potions and flasks.
    - Know when to keep quiet, we do not wish to discuss or have any unnecessary talk during a progress boss. There is no need to explain how and why yuou died during a fight, take it once we are done.
    - Have a working microphone and be able to speak and understand English, Communication is the key to success.

    Detailed guild policies can be found on our website: Releaserunback.com

    Things that may help your application

    -WOL parses to show us what you’re capable of
    -High end raiding experience
    -Gear to match our current raid experience
    -Taking the time to write a good application.


    Application form can be found on our websire, send the form and/or detailed and well written application to our email found on our website or post it in our application section of the forum. In case of rerolling, please give us information on your old main.

    You can also contact ingame for more information: Candysir, Kaboemm/eatmemon, Honeymilk/Honeybloom (any kind of Honey in this guild belongs to Honeymilk)
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    Bump, recruiting a tank and moonkin.

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    Need that tank and moonkin, bumpdiebumb

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    Up we go, we are also open for healers now.

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    Bump, we are in need of that tank and healer! and where is that title editing tool, we're now 9/16 heroic.

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    Bump, still need that tank and healer

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    Up we go, still looking for that paladin tank. Druid is an option.

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    Bump, still need that paladin or druid tank.

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    Bump, 9/16 heroic, looking for dat tank

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    Up we go again!

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