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    Is there a way to get a 120hz monitor and 2 60hz monitors to work as surround?

    They're all 24" but the 120hz one is made by a different company and it doesn't let me enable surround in Nvidia settings. I read something about using the same driver on them all but even if it works, I'd lose the ability so set the 120hz monitor to 120 hz and watch 3d movies with it.

    I guess there is no way to make it work some other way or even easily switch it back and forth without reinstalling the drivers every time?

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    From my personal experience you generally need matching monitors to be able to use Surround but if they're all the same resolution and you can have the 120hz panel running at 60hz you may be able to activate it. Yes you would lose the 120hz feature. I seem to recall that DisplayFusion has an option to override each monitor refresh rate, perhaps that will help you.

    Edit: also make sure you have the monitors connected to the GPUs as recommended by the nvidia control panel however you may also be able to activate it with them connected in a different sequence.
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    Thanks, I tried just setting them all to 60hz. Didn't work but at least it didn't show the 120hz monitor as incompatible any more, just that they were connected the wrong way. I'll try to change connect them differently.. but I'm not sure it would work,. Still, it's progress.

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