Our guild has been formed a long time ago by people who shared a vision. The vision was a guild of skilled players who would strive to maximize the limited time they had at disposal. And that goal was achieved, with the guild climbing to respectable rankings during the second part of Wotlk.

However as the desire to play was reduced, and blizzard put out the worst expansion the core broke up or stopped playing.

Now, with 5.2 at the doorstep, we are preparing to rekindle the old fire, as there is plenty of stuff to raid and much shorter time between raids.

The initial goal is modest, as we are starting from behind. The first goal is to create a stable raid group, of dedicated players. We believe the recipe for success is mutual respect, and mutual respect is only given and achieved by people of similar skill. It may sound harsh or elitist, but it is a proven concept.

As such, we are currently looking for skilled players on a limited schedule, with gear being a second thought.

On a limited schedule means that we value things like being prepared, adapting and learning quickly and not wasting the time of others. As such every effort that leads to leaner and quicker raiding is welcomed, from theory crafting your char to optimize his role to actual input how to solve the encounter. Please be aware that should you be the reason for wiping, we will let you know. Should your play be subpar we will let you know. There is nothing more frustrating for the others then the raid leader sugarcoating it to not offend the offender.

What are we looking for:

Tank: Death Knight/Paladin
Healer: Monk/Paladin/Shaman

We just started to raid again, and are gearing up some of our members who just came back from a break. Therefore your gear level doesn't have to be very high, but it has to be ready for Mogu-shan Vaults. (ilvl 465+)

Raid Times:

Monday: 20:30-23:00
Thursday: 20:30-23:00
Sunday: 19:00-23:30


We started this week and did 5/6 of MSV in 2 evenings, next lockout it will be 6/6 MSV.

For more info either whisper any officer online or take a look at our new site http://vanguard-draenor.enjin.com/