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    Which rings do you use? (Affliction warlock)

    While the ring from 1st boss in Heart of Fear and the valor pt Band of the Shieldwall (called something else for horde, valor pt from Krasarang rep) both are viable for demo and probably destro, they seem like they aren't great for aff.

    I kill Galleon at least once just about every week but am not holding my breath for the ring from it to drop. We're also only working on heroic blade lord now and are probably a few weeks away from killing heroic Zorlok for the H ring from HoF. Those seem like the 2 best rings.

    I'm currently using the Heart of Fear ring and the Golden Lotus vp one, and have the Klaxxi ring in the bank (which I was thinking about using with the GL one to reduce crit) .... but everything seems to sim the newer vp one from Krasarang a decent amount higher than any of these.

    Any ideas why? It has a lot of crit on it also.

    Curious as to what any aff locks out there are using (that are not doing heroic zorlok yet)

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    I just put up with the crit and use the HoF one and the 489 rep one. I just reforge out of the crit and feel a little better when I go Demo for a fight.

    I think theoretically the 509 Spirit ones sim as "BiS" but I wouldn't want all that Spirit. Just doesn't sit right with me for the little extra bit of Int.

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    I'd imagine the ring from Offensive rep vendors in Karasang would probably be the second best ring to get if not able to get the Galleon one. Reforge the crit to hit or mastery as needed.

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    Yeah i just use the vp ring from klaxxi, and GL ring, both nice for affliction, but both 489, so lacks the int.

    Ive been super unlucky with drops, nothing for just over a month now.. Im not holding my breath.

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    I'm using an upgraded PvP ring to replace my Golden Lotus 489, it has slightly better stats when upgraded. I'm not going to spend VP on the Dominance Offensive ring since I have enough BiS to upgrade for weeks.

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    ok cool, thanks for replies! I'll probably just use vp to upgrade items instead of buying the krasarang ring to use that alongside the zorlok hof one. I still have a 3-4 things I could upgrade, 5-6 weeks worth of vp, and it seems like 5.2 will be out by then

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    I meant it will take me 5-6 weeks to earn that much vp XD

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    At the time I simmed my character the one from O:S was definitely higher than the klaxxi ring, and since I had a bunch of valor sitting around with no BiS to upgrade I went ahead and got the ring.
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