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    [Ret] Taking on BM Hunters.

    How do you guys (rets) handle BM hunters in pvp? When they release the zoo I find it very hard to stay on top of them. Any tips are appreciated.
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    Don't stay on top of them when the zoo is released? It's a major CD...
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    Blinding light, then speed of light out of there and line yourself if youre dropping

    otherwise, if you want to stay on the hunter and are doing fine on health, then blind the zoo again and do as normal, maybe throw up seal of truth if you cant keep up

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    i would just say blind zoo and run away from them > bubble if need be ... zoo is a 5 min cd so use yours if needed

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    how long does the zoo last? sorry I don't know the name of the ability so couldn't look up.

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    Stampede AKA Zoo lasts for 20 seconds.

    Blind the zoo and after the blind use Hammer of the righteous on them to debuff all of them to hit for 10% less physical damage.

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    Stampede AKA Zoo

    use Hammer of the righteous on them to debuff all of them to hit for 10% less physical damage.
    wow never thought of that. Thanks

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    To be honest with you. After all your CDs are gone and that Hunter is still alive, you might as well /forfeit because you'll never win.

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