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    (H) Outland - Sick Sense 10man Social Heroic Guild Recruiting for DS&MoP

    We are Sick Sense. A fairly laid-back guild with the intentions of clearing all content on Heroic before the patch is over.

    About us:

    We were formed in late WoTLK as a Hardcore 25man guild gearing up for Cataclysm. We started off in Cataclysm with good progress, ranked fairly high on the Server. After a couple of months we decided 25mans wasn't our thing and many of us took a break.

    A couple from the core came back in June 2012 and we have the last couple of months been raiding as a 10 Raiding Guild.

    The guild emphasises the high importance of social relations between guild members. As such, there is zero-tolerance towards drama and flaming. Constructive criticism is very much welcomed as long as this does not constitute personal attacks, insults and other forms of mistreatment. Jokes are of course welcomed, as long as the reciever understands that it is infact a joke.

    Don't be scared though, this is not a hostile environment. Quite the contrary, by keeping up our principles and rules we have brewed a lively and friendly community which supports, and enhances, the quality of playing WoW for everyone in the guild.

    What we can offer you:

    - A nice, welcoming international guild.
    - Progress at a steady rate.
    - Cauldrons, Food during the raid.
    - People to play outside of raids with (PvP, Achievements, Dungeons etc.)

    What do we expect from you:

    - You'll put the Guilds interest above your own, if needed you are expected to be OK with taking a stand-by spot for a raid.
    - You are expected to be prepared for a wipe-night on progress boss. We want you to keep your focus for the whole raid.
    - We use the Ingame-Calender, you are expected to sign up well in time, furthermore we expect that you show up if signed Accepted.
    - You should know your Class in and out, everything should be as good they can be.
    - You must know boss tactics going into the raid, and be well prepared with potions.
    - Your gear must be enchanted, gemmed and reforged to its optimal potential.
    - General knowledge, treat others with the same respect as you want to be treated.

    Currently Recruiting:

    - Death Knight
    - Warrior
    - Ranged DPS

    Other Information

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 19.45-23.00
    *Sunday 21.00-23.00

    Our Raids are being LIVE STREAMED on this channel:

    * Extra raid during progress weeks. We will try and maintain 1 Raid/week as much as possible.

    We use Ventrilo. (Alternative to Mumble and/or Teamspeak).
    Loot Rules: Loot Council, We try and keep it as equal as possible, altough rare drops will be prioritized to higher ranks (example: RNG Trinkets, Rings and Mounts from Dragon Soul).

    Contact Us

    You can Contact us in-game or via these forums.

    Leaders - Blåbärsjuice & Mycar

    If you are interested in joining as Social Rank, we welcome you with open arms, you are still however expected to treat others as you want them to treat you.
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    <Sick Sense>

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    Back to da top
    <Sick Sense>

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    <Sick Sense>

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    <Sick Sense>

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    Still recruiting 1 Hunter
    <Sick Sense>

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    Also in need of a DK or a Warrior, either one of these, as long as you are both DPS and Tank
    <Sick Sense>

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    to the top!
    <Sick Sense>

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    still recruiting!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Opened up more classes!
    <Sick Sense>

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    still looking!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still recruiting exeptional players to join our ranks! check out our website

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    Still looking
    <Sick Sense>

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    <Sick Sense>

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    2 weeks left until MoP Still recruiting!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Still looking for exceptional players, especially in need of Warlocks, Hunters and a DPS/Healer, Priest or Druid in particular.
    <Sick Sense>

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    up up and away, recruiting as always! =)
    <Sick Sense>

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    Updated list
    <Sick Sense>

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    still recruiting
    <Sick Sense>

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    up we go !!
    <Sick Sense>

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    Updated, still recruiting!
    <Sick Sense>

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