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    Elegon is almost easier on heroic than normal
    In theory Elegon is an easy fight - even so we got our first kill only last night (after ..... 40 odd wipes - yes we're that bad.....). Did get ranked 6th though :P

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    We took the dive and are going for spirit king guys =X Granted we only got about 4 pulls in (going to save lockout). We had a lot of trouble moving as a group to to soak the cleave. Any suggestions on positioning or where ideal places are to start/do the fight at?

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    Start in the centre, mark your raid leader or someone you really trust to avoid things, have everyone follow that guy like glue. Save all DPS cooldowns and bloodlust for when Qiang hits 30%.

    Also tell that guy to wait for a massive attack before he starts moving.
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    What dispels and abilities can remove The Shield of Darkness from the shadow guy that gets a shield with 5 charges? As far as I know, mass dispel, priest regular dispel, and purge work to remove 1 charge each. Does tranq shot or shiv work also or no? Are there any other abilities besides those?

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    Elegon hands down, should even be easier than the normal mode.

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    I would agree with most responses here. Elegon is the "easier" of the two. Honestly though, with the gear that most are in now, it is kind of based off of your group. Spirit Kings really isn't that bad once you can get past the first transition from qiang to subetai. The shields are easy to deal with, and with gear you can run 2 tanks, which makes it a little less chaotic. We struggled with H Elegon at first because people couldn't pay attention for protectors (they would go from 100 > 90 > 80 > OMG EVERYONE ATTACK AND NOW IT BLEW UP INSIDE THE RING), lol. So I'd say give both some tries and see what feels more comfortable. If you can successfully drag out protectors and gave them soaked, do elegon. If your raid knows how to side step volley after running through annihilate, maybe go for spirit kings.

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