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    addon folder wont create itself

    Just got done downloading MoP, i deleted all my old addons and started downloading up-to-date versions of them.
    When i was starting up wow later the addon butten wasnt there. So i deleted wtf, catch and inteface folder.

    When i did start up the game again to let it creat new folders i did see that no cinnematic did run, but the wtf and catch was created, but no interface.
    Did try and just make a interface folder with a addon folder inside that, and just unzip my addons there, but that didnt help either.

    Any thoughts?


    Got it to create the interface folder now, but non of my downloaded addons work ingame, and the addon butten ingame is also gone.

    nvm this. got it to work by doing random stuff. delete the post.
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