After searching for all the configuration tabs of Auctioneer I cant find how to:

1.Cancel auctions from another tab different than 'Auctions' tab.I got EasyCancel configured but it looks it doesnt work out of that tab.It would be great being 'EasyCanceling' from 'Search' or 'Post' tabs or any other way to cancel.

2.Specify a max stack size of 1.Currently anytime I add an item into the 'Post' tab its always:1 stack x All Items. I would like to configure a default size stack of 1 ( X Stacks x 1 item)

3.Is there any way to autorefresh auctions when you select an item in the 'Post' tab?.I dont mean 'Alt+refresh' and doing a full search of all the auctions and inventory but saving the need to push refresh after adding a item in this tab.

I dont even know if Auctioneer could work this way(because I have looked every option) but any help would be great.