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    1. The Lich King is dead and Bolvar Fordragon died with him.
    2. The Lich King is dead and Bolvar Fordragon died with him.
    3. If someone says "afk" or stops moving, takes off his mic, the fight is a wipe (well maybe ).
    4. Only 10/25 guys in a raid.
    5. One boss at a time, even if we're in full upgraded heroic gear.
    6. No actually raiding with legendaries unless you actually know how to move out of fire.
    7. If you die don't say wipe it up, I've seen 80 pallies solo Heigan from 20%.
    8. If you don't have Kingslayer, you have to raid tonight!

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    9. ???
    10. Profit!

    This thread makes zero sense, so here's an ascii sword:


    And yes, I get the reference. Still not sensible enough to thread about.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    I'm not entirely sure what this is, but it's definitely not going to lead to constructive discussion.

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