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    A warlock and his arena partners

    With 5.2 in mind, how will warlocks be in 3v3, and is Warlock shadow priest and resto shaman a valid setup? I have my doubts because they share dmr on cc. but they are both hard hitting classes

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    shadowplay (lock,spriest,healer) typically in the bast has been a very strong comp, but spread pressure comps aren't as strong now a days, and with 5.2 turning out to be a season of rogue cleave teams, you will have to be really on your game to beat a decent cleave team. A bette ralternitive would be RLS (rogue, lock, shaman/healer) as the rogue can control a target particularly a cd spamming melee then a spriest.
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    With the nerf to Blood Fear i feel sorry for Warlocks.

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    Yeah, they really kicked away their crutch with that one. Being one of the coolest classes in the game I truly think they deserve to be more competitive in PvP. Too bad Blizzard thinks otherwise.
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    With the nerf to Blood Fear i feel sorry for Warlocks.
    I dont think the removal of blood fear is a bad thing, however, if they dont nerf tremor and/or totemic restoration there is truly no hope

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    Shadowplay will be a viable comp. The bane of shadowplay are warrior/shaman/cleave comps, and with warriors getting nerfed we will see their numbers disappear. Sadly no nerf to tremor totem. WLS is currently our best comp but it is getting nerfed through the warrior nerfs and blood fear. LSDv2 will be good. RLS will be good. I can see windwalkers working with warlocks. Windwalker, lock, shaman will be a deadlier version of WLS as their peels are honestly better than warriors. MLS will still be viable.

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    You're better off going Rogue/Lock/Sham or Rogue/Spriest/Sham, if you can get a hold of a rogue. The problem is that fear, psyfiend, psychic scream, etc all share DR. It might work out, but melee comps are gonna smash you. Warrior/Rogue/Hpal or War/Rogue/Rsham will wreck you, most likely.

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